[gnome-love] wanted: php or cgi programmer with some spare time to help with gnome test spec

So... in gnome cvs* there is a wonderful test spec suite written by Sun,
designed to allow the gnome community to easily and reproducibly test
gnome components. 

The problem is that the spec was written by very good QA people who
aren't exactly web experts- all pages are static and generated with awk
and shell, and the cgis are in ksh. This makes it much more difficult to
expand and maintain the test spec than it could/should be.

So... I'm calling for someone (or a group of someones) with some perl
CGI and/or php experience to rewrite the html portion of the spec to
make it more maintainable and usable. This could conceivably involve
writing as few as _three_ pages, depending on how you want to do it, so
for someone with a fair amount of experience this could be a really
quick project.

If anyone has any questions and/or thoughts and/or time to volunteer
please drop me a note and I'll be happy to help explain the test spec
system and where a good rewrite might start.

Luis Villa
Ximian Bugmaster

*gnome_test_spec module

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