Re: [gnome-love] glib fails to install

On Fri, 2001-11-30 at 15:33, benny k. wrote:

just wondering if anyone else has had this error?

                              /usr/bin/install: cannot stat `./html/index.sgml': No such file
                              or directory

I did, and it took me 4 hours to figure it out and fix it. What i ended
up doing was very hacky but it worked. The problem is that you are
missing : docbook-style-dsssl. I was unable to find an rpm for RH 7.0 so
i got a tarball from :

[and then the hacky part ;-)]
I did :

cd /usr/lib/sgml
cp /home/chema/sources/docbook-dsssl-1.74b.tar.gz .
tar xzvf docbook-dsssl-1.74b.tar.gz
cd docbook-dsssl-1.74b
mv * ..

This was very very hacky, i was trying to fix the real problem and after
4 hours i just wanted to get it to work.

I am thinking of a real solutoin to this problem which probably involves
a patch to gtk-doc so that it exits when it is unable to generate the
documentation (long story).


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