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Personally though I think Gnome 3 is going to be much easier for Windows converts to grasp, I think they had an tendency to find all the applets and the workspace switcher in 2, too confusing.

I also think that the new way of switching between windows is far better if you have lots of windows open - in which case the switcher bar in Gnome 2 just became a hideous mess of far too many tiny buttons, which you couldnt distinguish between without hovering your mouse over each one and reading the tooltip to see which one was for what window.

If youve only got a handful of windows open you can just move one to the side and click the other without having to goto 'Activities', and even when you do need to, a single press of the Windows key saves you having to move the mouse to it.

Maybe its just my zen minimalist ideal but Im glad the applets have gone -- too much 'junk' which had the potential to confuse newbies. Like Dashboard in Mac OS X - out of all the Mac users I know, and I know a lot, no one uses it, and many are confused by its presence.

I guess it depends what you want - a power Unix user style workstation or something which has the potential to attract average Windows consumers who still throw a fit if you put a PC in front of them which isnt running something made by Microsoft.

Personally Im happy to see Gnome going after the latter, others will have different ideals of course, but mine is a world where Linux is a true desktop contender for the average Joe.

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