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On 11-05-27 11:55 AM, Andrew Wood wrote:
> I cant understand why so many people seem to hate Gnome 3. I think its
> brilliant. Perfectly logical, clean, simple, easy to understand and
> beautiful looking.

I have many complaints with gnome 3.  First and foremost, common
navigation takes waaaay to many mouse clicks:

1. top right to get a list of windows/workspaces
2. far left to choose a workspace
3. search through the thumbnails looking for the window you want
4. click on the thumbnail

Want another window?  Do it all over again.

It was sooo much easier with the workspace and task selectors.

And speaking of applets, where are they all?  No weather.  No CPU (and
disk and network, etc.) monitoring.  No processor monitoring.  No
applets at all, it seems -- on Fedora 15 at least.

It seems (to me at least) that Gnome took a huge step backwards in terms
of actual usefulness for a bunch of flashy eye-candy.


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