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On 11-05-27 12:04 PM, Richard Evans wrote:
> Having been a Gnome 2 user for years, I'm certainly have big problems with Gnome 3.
> Things I miss in a big way include:
> 	. adding stuff to top panel so I can launch them with a single click - a opposed to getting up the activities stuff and going to favourites
> 	. single click on workspace applet to switch workspaces
> 	. single click on bottom panel to switch to specific open app
> 	. single click to minimise or maximise a window
> 	. weather on the top panel

Wow.  As you will see when my post makes it to the list, I enumerated
exactly the same list as you did, prior to seeing your e-mail.  That's
got to count for some amount of "universal" opinion.  :-)


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