Re: Gnome support? we =?ISO-8859-1?Q?don=B4t?= need no stinking support!

Even if I think that gnome shell is a good idea,
the problem is with old computers.. where gnome shell
is not available (no 3D in X server), and the "alternative"
desktop is too poor (gnome panel is almost unusable ,
and you cannot put icons in the desktop.....

Some of you can even ask why do not simple enable 3D acceleration in
Xserver??? simple because there are a lot of video boards with
poor video boards (ex: SIS671) that does not support it. what do
I say to customers?? buy a new notebook?? we have lots of
happy users them... (mainly notebooks)  running gnome 2.32..

I think that should exists a way to  to use gnome3 with the panel
and nautilus  the same way we used to do in 2.32


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