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If you don't read what packages are going to be upgraded it's your mistake, not an archlinux mistake.

It's very simple, when you do "pacman -Syu", a list is shown with the packages and versions is going to be upgraded. Just check it out and decide if you want to continue or you doesn't.

2011/6/10 Sergio de Almeida Lenzi <lenzi sergio gmail com>

I don't quite understand your point: we have recommended a long list of 
supported distributions which support your preferred version of GNOME 
for the upcoming 6 to 18 months (or more). What else are you looking for?

Or maybe we can be more specific: what distribution were you running 
before trying F15 and why did you upgrade?
Ok I agree with you.  I WAS using archlinux and the distribution upgraded to gnome3 without any warning

It is time for me to search for another distribution (gentoo, ubuntu...) or other that warns me
what is going on....


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