Re: Very disappointed in Gnome 3

Em Qua, 2011-08-10 às 08:56 +0200, Magnus Therning escreveu:
For me it took a good 2 months of
daily use to get used to it, and still I'm not quite sure whether I
like it or not. As has been pointed out before there is a very real
loss of configurability that is easy to access, but hopefully that'll
be addressed in the near future. My current feeling about Gnome3 is
that maybe we are moving in different directions; I'm becoming more
experienced and more sophisticated in my use of Linux, and Gnome is
becoming more beginner-friendly.
What about a company with 60 users that uses gnome2 every day with lots of
icons in the desktop and lots of applications in the gnome panel?

They are all "end users" that only knows how to move and click the mouse...
they use libreoffice, some applications in the epiphany, and print a lot of documents...

Gnome3 for them is a disaster.. the cost of training for the new desktop is
not accept. They cannot stop the company for training..  besides, the
computers does not have 3D video boards,   I am considering XFCE4.8...

Well... I will wait for a year or two...


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