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On 9/28/07, Robert Moonen <rmoonen bigpond net au> wrote:
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> Bjørge Solli wrote:
> > Robert Moonen wrote:
> >> Bjørge Solli wrote:
> >>> Robert Moonen wrote:
> >>>> Afief Halumi wrote:
> >>>>> I'd like to add that the same horrible problem happens when opening
> >>>>> PHP files that happen to not be PHP files.
> >>>>> I wonder why so much empathis is put on the file extension when Unix
> >>>>> systems usually don't give a damn about them anyway $ file filename
> >>>>> and you know if it's ASCII or an MP3 or whatever.
> >>>> Because KDE and now Gnome are trying to behave like Windoze, because
> >>>> the
> >>>> way to make a desktop popular seems to be to appease the lowest common
> >>>> denominator.
> >>>>
> >>>>> This warning is just as annoying for me as vista's "cancel or allow",
> >>>>> it should be the responsibility of the program(text editor? audio
> >>>>> player?) not to cause a security risk when trying to open a weird
> >>>>> file.
> >>>> Change your gnome preferences.
> >>> That is exactly my question; How?
> >>>
> >>> As I stated in the initial email, my attempts to alter the prefs have
> >>> failed.
> >>
> >> Find object in "my computer", right click on it, select preferences,
> >> then open the "opens with" tab. If adding an application to open that
> >> object with doesn't become visible in the list of applications allowed
> >> to open that object. Then it needs to be fixed and should be reported as
> >> a bug.
> >
> > That is just the thing. It does get available in the list of
> > applications allowed to open that object, and I mark the Text Editor the
> > default (by selecting it in the list). If I right click on it and select
> > "open with", then all available options except the one I chose as
> > default appears, and choosing e.g. NEdit makes NEdit open the file. But
> > if I double click the file it will not open and the warning appears as
> > before.
> >
> > Can anyone confirm that this is a bug?
> Just tested the default switching on a .jpg file and it all seems to
> work just fine.
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I have also had problems like this.  When looking around in nautilus
just now, I found that I am getting "cannot open file" errors from the
default program (using a double-click on the file), HOWEVER, if I
right-click to "Open with other application" and use the same program
(the default), it works fine, and AFTER that, the double click also
works fine.

EXCEPT: I have a directory with some jpgs in it, and the image viewer
cannot seem to identify or locate the others while I have it running,
so the next file and previous file arrows do not work, either - I have
to open each one individually.

Nicola Buso suggested that I remove the .local/share/mime directory in
my account, so the first time I had this problem, I did that, and it
worked.  This time it does not.  If I open the files as root,
everything works fine, so I'm thinking that it's the global mime
descriptions, but I don't know where they live in order to fix them.

I've also noticed that sometimes nautilus will show a thumbnail of a
file and sometimes not, depending on the file, even though they are
the same type.  E.g., in my jpg directory, some of the thumbnails show
and some are the generic icon for unopened files, some are the generic
icon for jpgs.  I suspect that this may be related, but I'm not sure.

Anyone with better knowledge of this situation care to comment?

All help will be appreciated....



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