Re: nautilus open .mod

Robert Moonen wrote:
Bjørge Solli wrote:
System: Fedora 7 x86, Gnome 2.18.3.

Please let me know if this Q is more suited for a fedora list.

when opening the attached ASCII-file, prod.mod, nautilus complains:
The filename "prod.mod" indicates that this file is of type "Amiga SoundTracker audio". The contents of the file indicate that the file is of type "plain text document". If you open this file, the file might present a security risk to your system.

Do not open the file unless you created the file yourself, or received the file from a trusted source. To open the file, rename the file to the correct extension for "plain text document", then open the file normally. Alternatively, use the Open With menu to choose a specific application for the file.

Even if I use Properties, Open with, and selects a text editor as default it still won't open if I double click it.

Any ideas?
Don't open it, save it to disk, execute the mv command, as so:

bjørge machine-name:~$ mv prod.mod prod.txt

or so then open it with your favourite text editor.

that sounds like a strange way to solve it since .mod is the correct suffix for this type of ASCII-file. Why can it not open it if it ends in .mod when I want it to do that? I do understand what the text says, but I know opening this file is not a security risk. This "security measure" seems very dumb and I would like to remove it.


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