Re: nautilus open .mod

Robert Moonen wrote:
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Afief Halumi wrote:
I'd like to add that the same horrible problem happens when opening
PHP files that happen to not be PHP files.
I wonder why so much empathis is put on the file extension when Unix
systems usually don't give a damn about them anyway $ file filename
and you know if it's ASCII or an MP3 or whatever.

Because KDE and now Gnome are trying to behave like Windoze, because the
way to make a desktop popular seems to be to appease the lowest common

This warning is just as annoying for me as vista's "cancel or allow",
it should be the responsibility of the program(text editor? audio
player?) not to cause a security risk when trying to open a weird

Change your gnome preferences.

That is exactly my question; How?

As I stated in the initial email, my attempts to alter the prefs have failed.


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