titlebars clutter workspaces

Dear Sir or Madam:

Let me begin my thanking You and the entire Linux community for
extraordinary live support provided through IRC channels. The quality of
programs written for Linux far outweighs that of Microsoft Windows.

I run Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. My graphical environment is Gnome. I was
wondering if you could address the following issue. Sometimes
applications want to alert user by flashing their titlebar.
Unfortunately, the titlebars may show up on the taskbar of a workspace
that they were not opened in. I find this feature to be extremely
uncomfortable. I do realize that each particular application is at the
liberty of alerting the user when it deems appropriate. I would feel
satisfied if I could do one of the following:
1) completely deactivate titlebar flashing thereby preventing
inappropriate titlebars from appearing on workspace taskbars that they
don't belong to;
2) selectively deactivate this particular feature, so a flashing
titlebar will not show up on the current workspace taskbar.

I would highly appreciate it if you could address my concern. Please
feel free to forward my concern to appropriate party without notifying

Thank You.

Mr. Simon Dexter

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