Re: titlebars clutter workspaces

On Sat, 20 Oct 2007 10:05:40 -0400
Simon Dexter <simondex yahoo com> dijo:

> Let me begin my thanking You and the entire Linux community for
> extraordinary live support provided through IRC channels. The quality of
> programs written for Linux far outweighs that of Microsoft Windows.
> I run Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. My graphical environment is Gnome. I was
> wondering if you could address the following issue. Sometimes
> applications want to alert user by flashing their titlebar.
> Unfortunately, the titlebars may show up on the taskbar of a workspace
> that they were not opened in. I find this feature to be extremely
> uncomfortable. I do realize that each particular application is at the
> liberty of alerting the user when it deems appropriate. I would feel
> satisfied if I could do one of the following:
> 1) completely deactivate titlebar flashing thereby preventing
> inappropriate titlebars from appearing on workspace taskbars that they
> don't belong to;
> 2) selectively deactivate this particular feature, so a flashing
> titlebar will not show up on the current workspace taskbar.

I complained about flashing titlebars once about a year ago. I never
figured out how to turn the feature off. I couldn't even figure out why
they sometimes flashed.

However, I now have Gutsy and the titlebars no longer flash. Again, I
don't know why or if you could turn it off in Feisty.

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