Re: gnome - without screensaver and system sounds ?

Ka Hay wrote:
Graeme Nichols wrote:
On Tue, 18 Dec 2007, Takis Diakoumis wrote:

i have found this useful for xscreensaver under gnome-screensaver:

I also don't particularly like gnome-screensaver and followed the instructions in the link above but ran into a problem trying to find just where gnome-screensaver keeps it's themes so I can run the script.

Does anybody know where they are in F8? Which directory?

The other question of course is whether gnome-screensaver can be dumped altogether (rpm -e gnome-screensaver) and only keep xscreensaver.

Any ideas?

I am replying to myself and perhaps helping someone else at the same time.

The answer to the sparseness of gnome-screensaver is pretty simple as it turns out if you are on F8.

Go to
and download xscreensaver-extras-gss-5.04-1.fc8.i386.rpm

This package adds all the nice xscreensaver screens to gnome-screensaver.

OK. the eproblem is that I use Gentoo and this RPM package  does not
help me.
What to do ?

Hello Ka,

I'm afraid I know absolutely nothing about Gentoo. I'm Red Hat/Fedora through and through.

If Gentoo uses Gnome as it's desktop then I would be looking on the Gentoo forums or repositories for either a package or the source tarball. Failing that try the xscreensaver forums. They may have a source tarball. I had a quick Google but nothing turned up for me. I didn't try the Gentoo forums.

I'm sorry I could not be more helpful.

Kind regards,

Graeme Nichols.
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