Re: Strange Nautilus association for *.flv files

Randy J. Ray wrote:
Somehow, Nautilus has gotten in in its head to open *.flv (Flash video) files
with Amarok. Amarok will play the audio, but not the video. It used to default
to totem (which is what it should use). I've been all over GConf, and even gone
through the various config files under dot-directories, and cannot find the
place where Nautilus has anything associated with Amarok. Any idea where I
should be looking, in order to change/fix this?


Hi Randy,

Try the following;

Click on 'System' (in the main menu) --> Preferences --> Personal --> Preferred Applications. Click the 'Multimedia' tab and set your preferred application.

This should work.

Kind regards,

Graeme Nichols.
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