Re: gnome - without screensaver and system sounds ?

Ka Hay wrote:
Hi everybody !
I found how charming a Gnome desktop can be.
The only two things that bother me are very simple and stupid, Yet I can
not fix 'em.
1 - I do not have system beep and system sounds. I do play .wav files
and almost all other media types.
2 - I do not know how to make my gnome-screensaver use the
Xscreensaver's screensavers. I have only " flying feet", which are ..
not very interesting.

I am running Gentoo linux with a 2.6.23 kernel.

You'd probably be better off on the Gentoo forums than on this general Gnome list. This question comes up regularly there. Set the "esd" USE flag, then re-emerge gnome.

Guy Rouillier

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