Re: gnome2 desktop switcher/pager kill/reinstall

> > If I want to run IceWM under gnome2, and use gnome's panel rather
> > than IceWM, I'm facing two competing panels. My aim should be to
> > disable IceWM's panel somehow before I switch to it. Any insight
> > as best how to do this?
> No idea. You'd have to ask some IceWM folks about that...
> However you can always run gnome programs and not use the gnome
> desktop, if you like what IceWM provides desktop-wise.

I'm not one to be very particular about desktops, for my interface
with the computer is usually via some application (xterm, emacs,
galeon, FileRunner, etc.). Gnome is fine for my desktop environment,
especially since it supports gnome-panel, which I rather like, but the
one thing I really need is being able to define window stacking.

As best as I can make out, none of the three (?) window managers that
come with RedHat8.0 support defining window stacking order.

Enlightenment does it nicely, but does not want to get into bed with
gnome2, so that presented a problem. However, IceWM also supports
stacking, is good for folks who prefer keyboard control to mouse, and
has transparent configuration file editing. It has no moral objections
to a gnome2 desktop at all. That's why I was giving it a try. So, I'm
sticking with the gnome desktop, but using it to support the IceWM
window manager. 


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