Re: gnome2 desktop switcher/pager kill/reinstall

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 14:02, Haines Brown wrote:
> Ben,
> Thanks for your helpful reply. It got me half way through the thicket.
> > A panel crash loop? What do you mean by that?
> During the panel load, there's a crash. The crash identified by a
> crash alert dialog that states there's been a crash of gnome-panel and
> offers a link to report it. It also has an OK button to dismiss the
> dialog. When I click OK, the dialog disappears and the panel tries
> again to load, but simply crashes again, with a new crash dialog. 

Weird. I would suggest you submit a bug report (it only takes a few
minutes) and upgrade your packages.

> > There is also a ~/.gconf directory. If you delete that and your .gnome
> > directories, that should reset everything gnome-related.
> This advice was right on. I overwrote everything in ~/.gnome from a
> backup, and user was again able to start X and load panel. Some
> configuration was lost in the process, but that's a minor matter. I
> assume I can do the same for root. I had studied the contents of this
> directory fairly carefully, but obviously missed something.
> > It's part of the gnome-applets package, I believe.
> Yes, that was what I didn't realize. I thought it was either a
> stand-alone application or simple a feature of gnome. Apparently it
> was neither.

It's a simple feature of gnome, but gnome comes in many packages. :-)

> So, now that I've more or less gottem myself out of the mess I created
> initially, I'm in a position to ask the question that I should have
> posed initially: If I want to run IceWM under gnome2, and use gnome's panel
> rather than IceWM, I'm facing two competing panels. My aim should be
> to disable IceWM's panel somehow before I switch to it. Any insight as
> best how to do this?

No idea. You'd have to ask some IceWM folks about that... 

However you can always run gnome programs and not use the gnome desktop,
if you like what IceWM provides desktop-wise.


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