Re: gnome2 desktop switcher/pager kill/reinstall


Thanks for your helpful reply. It got me half way through the thicket.

> A panel crash loop? What do you mean by that?

During the panel load, there's a crash. The crash identified by a
crash alert dialog that states there's been a crash of gnome-panel and
offers a link to report it. It also has an OK button to dismiss the
dialog. When I click OK, the dialog disappears and the panel tries
again to load, but simply crashes again, with a new crash dialog. 

> There is also a ~/.gconf directory. If you delete that and your .gnome
> directories, that should reset everything gnome-related.

This advice was right on. I overwrote everything in ~/.gnome from a
backup, and user was again able to start X and load panel. Some
configuration was lost in the process, but that's a minor matter. I
assume I can do the same for root. I had studied the contents of this
directory fairly carefully, but obviously missed something.

> It's part of the gnome-applets package, I believe.

Yes, that was what I didn't realize. I thought it was either a
stand-alone application or simple a feature of gnome. Apparently it
was neither. 

So, now that I've more or less gottem myself out of the mess I created
initially, I'm in a position to ask the question that I should have
posed initially: If I want to run IceWM under gnome2, and use gnome's panel
rather than IceWM, I'm facing two competing panels. My aim should be
to disable IceWM's panel somehow before I switch to it. Any insight as
best how to do this?

Haines Brown 

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