Re: Missing panel

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 12:16, cr wrote:
> A while back, X / Gnome siezed up on starting and I had to escape with 
> Alt-Ctrl-F1.    
> Since then, the panel has disappeared, which makes Gnome very hard to use, 
> and I can't get it back.   I can modify the panel properties from the control 
> centre but that doesn't make it reappear.   If I start X as a different user, 
> the panel's there.    I can change to KDE with the desktop switcher, and 
> back, but the Gnome panel still ain't there.   The help files all say how to 
> change panel properties etc, but not how to make it reappear.
> I assume there's a config file somewhere that's got corrupted, can anyone 
> tell me what it might be?   Or point me to a HOWTO?
> For what it's worth, the contents of  /home/cr/.gnome/panel.d/default/panel 
> are:
> [Config]
> applet_count=17
> panel_count=1
> tearoffs_count=0
> [Panel_1]
> type=0
> hidebuttons_enabled=false
> hidebutton_pixmaps_enabled=true
> mode=1
> state=2
> level=0
> avoid_on_maximize=true
> screen=0
> unique_id=10000001
> sz=24
> fit_pixmap_bg=true
> strech_pixmap_bg=false
> rotate_pixmap_bg=true
> backpixmap=
> backcolor=#000000
> back_type=0
> edge=2

in gnome press alt-f2 to get a run dialogue (if this doesn't work open a
and type gnome-panel (if you had to open a terminal add & to the end of

> I'm getting used to KDE but I would like to revert to Gnome when I can.
> cr
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