Re: gnome2 desktop switcher/pager kill/reinstall

On Mon, 2003-03-24 at 07:56, Haines Brown wrote:
> Can anyone direct me to some information on the gnome2 desktop
> switcher/pager? Is it an independent applet or is it, as someone
> hinted, built into gnome-panel? 

It's it's own applet.

> What is the configuration file that defines whether the pager is
> displayed? My pager is broken and so I need to prevent gnome-panel
> from trying to load it.

You could try running gconf-editor and seeing if you find it, but you
shouldn't have to. Try killing it from the command line.

> The broken pager problem affects root and one user, but not another
> user. How is that possible?

What's the behavior? How is the pager breaking?

It sounds like root and one user have broken config files, that's how
it's possible. :-)


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