Re: window contents while dragging

thanks for your answer Bart. It just got me a fast solution to the dragging problem. Searching in Google shows easily the reference of Calum Benson to the Solaris patch:

and we have a page of Haw-Bin Chai with a Metacity patched source:
(patch file only: )

one needs to use the gconftool-2 manually and it works fine.

But that said I'm still somewhat very surprised the feature is not standart in Metacity. And the pacth not integrated.

The problem went to me trough friends who are windoze users running pentium2 @ 233/266/300 Mhz + 256 ram. I convinced them after much time (and the help of the increasing number of virii they get ) to switch to unix.I promised them they didn't need to learn C or divorce to get time to learn about kernels, shells , API's, TCP/IP, X, and so on.I installed them Gnome-2 and they came back crying "your Gnome sucks, it's slower than win2k !". Indeed; in w2k they right-click on the desktop > Properties > Effects and un-select "show window contents while dragging". ( and I do myself almost the same in my HP 9000 under CDE ...), then the desktop runs better. (on low hardware).

Now, excuse me if I get verbose but the README in Metacity archive is a jewel of philosophy:

From the README Metacity-2.4.xx source:

"Q: Why no wireframe move/resize?

A: Because it has low usability, and is a pain to implement, and there's no reason opaque move/resize should be a problem on any setup that can run a modern desktop worth a darn to begin with.
Read these and the bugzilla stuff before asking/commenting : "

well maybe Gnome-2 should be stamped "minimum requirements: 1 Ghz cpu with 512 ram else not worth a darn to begin with".

Believe it or not: after my win lusers friends complaining about "trailing" windows on their desktop and me being surprised not finding a parameter for that (as in sawfish/gnome-1.4) I faced some dilemn: use KDE or not. I really dislike KDE because the guys decided to build upon Qt, that was not opensource.The fact it became free after a while doesn't change its genetically tainted nature.And the whole necesary libs qt+kde take so much space.And the desktop is too rich-featured, somewhat confusing for end users.But by now it's more responsive than gnome-2 on low hardware. So I was thinking: man, kde is not an option for you, why not use Motif or any other wm ?. Programmatically Motif keeps straight consistent with Xlibs.To had much stuff, like gimp, one doesn't need gnome, just the Gtk api.So I putted together the last themable Mwm with an iconbox and clean and nice menus, icons and some light backgrounds, and my win lusers liked it better than Gnome-2 ! WindowMaker or Fvwm, with a well tuned config makes end users happy too.So no need for "desktops"...
As Havoc Pennington writes in the README > METACITY FEATURES:

"does not expose the concept of "window manager" to the user.The user doesn't need to know."

I agree: the user doesn't need to know.He does need to use. And he has "no reason" to have a problem with opaque move/resize window.

By the way I remember some discussions on the net a couple of years ago about gnome(1) beeing more usable for the big bunch of people living in the "third" world, because it was less resource hungry than kde and thus could run on lower/older hardware.Well , to enjoy gnome-2 one seems to need at least a Pentium 3...arghh those silly morons who can't "run a modern desktop worth a darn to begin with."...:-))...
I consider myself very lucky as I live in Norway...

All in all I feel guilty to comment, because I haven't certainly not read good enough , etc. :-)

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