GNOME Summary for 2003-07-07 - 2003-07-18

This is the GNOME Summary for 2003-07-07 - 2003-07-18
Table of Contents

1. New look for
2. update from Welsh translation team
3. update
4. Lord of the HIG
5. Real releases SMIL 2.0 implementation
6. Sodipodi passing true usability threshold
7. Evolution looks to update its GUI
8. distribution considered
9. Dashboard being dashing
10. Translated GNOME summaries
11. Hacker Activity
12. Gnome Bug Hunting Activity
13. New and Updated Software

1. New look for

After a long wait the big update to our favourite website,, is
underway. The first phase is mostly updating the look of the site, using
a shared template across all of This is a huge job, but we
hope that it will help navigating the site. We have also done away with
the old WML site building system in order to make life easier for
content contributors. The real backend upgrade is still not done, but we
have decided that if the new website is to happen then we need to make
it happen step by step. So be sure to check out the website from time to
time as we evolve the website towards its new incarnation. And of course
if you want to help us make content, like more developer documenation
don't be stranger, but contanct the web-developer on the 
web mailing list. 

2. update from Welsh translation team

Telsa Gwynne was kind enough to send us this update on the effort of the
Welsh translation team. If there are other translation teams out there
who would like to do similar status reports, feel free to do so and send
them in :) 

There was a Welsh translation of GTK back in gtk-1.0 days, but things 
languished a bit after that. A bunch of us got together and decided to
give it a go. We started by taking the Gnome Glossary and agreeing how
to translate each item (well, except for anti-aliasing: that's still a
problem :)) and using the existing GTK and Abiword translations. (Yes,
there has been Abiword in Welsh for ages.) And then started on a few
apps and libraries. The first commit went in on the 4th of May. Since
then, we have comfortably passed "partially supported" for both HEAD and
the 2.2 branch, and are heading for "fully supported" if we can get
there in time for 2.4. In less than four months. 
(Okay, it took us two months to do the glossary first.)
(I say "we", but as a learner all I do is commit what native speakers
are giving me. Oh, and I created 40 typos of one word in an effort to be
helpful. And discovered new CVS error messages.) 
Something that has helped us hugely is Kyfieithu (or Gyfieithu :)), a
wonderful web-based translation system put together by Kevin Donnelly to
help the KDE Welsh effort which we joined in with. See link below for
how it works. Other teams might want to borrow the idea. You just aim
your browser there and translate a bunch of strings when you have time.

The credits for the work so far, and I really 
hope I don't miss anyone out here, goes to: Rhoslyn Prys (original Gtk 
translation) Owain Green, Gruffudd Williams, Gareth Williams, Tom
Llewelyn, Dafydd Jones, Daniel, Steve Griffiths, Keith Willoughby and
multiple instances of 'anonymous'/'anhysbys' (Kyfieithu contributors);
Kevin Donnelly (Kyfieithu creator); Chris M Jackson, Gareth Bowker,
Dafydd Harries (mostly straight from the po files); Dafydd Tomos, Dewi
Jones, Jim Killock (discussion and bashing word lists into shape), larne
on IRC for screenshots of Evolution in Welsh on FreeBSD _12 hours_ after
we committed the first part of the translation (!) ; 
Alan Cox for the "fill in 20% of Evo from other strings in other files" 
program; Bryn S for volunteering to test the "how to teach your Linux
box to speak Welsh" instructions and then doing it all again after the
first time didn't work; and Rhys Jones for running the
gnome-cy penwgyn linux org uk mailing list. If you want to be in this
list next time, get over to #gnome-cy on freenode or the mailing-list :)
Next stop, 2.4. (We hope.) Wish us luck, and stop changing those

3. update

Its not just the core GNOME sites that has gotten an update in the last
two weeks. The dedicated team who runs has also done some
major updates and added new functionality like searching to the site.
The websmith Alex Duggan also tells me that
soon will move to using the same new template as the other GNOME sites
has switched to. I can't run a story without using the
opportunity to congratulate a.g.o founder Roman "star" Beigelbeck with
his new PhD title and wish him luck in his new job at the Austrian
Academy of Scientists. 

4. Lord of the HIG

Since its introduction the human interface guidelines has had an
tremendous impact on GNOME and GTK+ applications. It has helped move the
GNOME desktop to a new level of polish and integration and improve
usability of GNOME applications greatly. But making the desktop comply
100% with these guidelines has been a huge undertaking, an undertaking
not yet completed. One of the people who has been working very hard over
the last few weeks on these issues is Dennis Cranston who after seeing
his name pop up in CVS with HIG fixes time and time again I felt
deserved a special mention. A big thanks to Dennis for 
his effort! 


5. Real releases SMIL 2.0 implementation

Real Networks has released the sourcecode to their SMIL 2.0
implementation as part of their Helix Community effort. This is
something that many in the GNOME accessibility community has wanted for
some time. It is not released under the LGPL unfortunatly, but the OSI
approved RPSL license might be acceptable to 
application developers. Just remember to that if you use the GPL license
for your application you would need to add an exception if you decide to
include/link this library into your application. In related news from 
Real/Helix they have set up a project website for their upcoming GTK+
RealOne client for Unix and GNU/Linux.

6. Sodipodi passing true usability threshold

The Sodipodi project has been making steady progress over the last
months, and is establising itself in the free software community to be
as synonymous with vector graphics creation as Gimp is for bitmap
graphics. It has reached the stage now where more and more artists find
that it is powerfull enough for them to actually do serious artwork
with. To examplify this we got a new SVG icon theme this month that is
done 100% in Sodipodi by a wonderfull artist called 
Kuswanto a.k.a Zeus. His icon theme proves that you now can make just as
beautiful and detailed icons in Sodipodi as you can in illustrator.
Another use for Sodipodi is for making Manga comics, something which
Sodipodi developer MenTaLguY do with his Lunar 8 project. A big thanks
to Zeus and the Sodipodi developers for their work so far. 

7. Evolution looks to update its GUI

Our favourite groupware team is considering changing the way Evolution
looks in their next major release. Anna Dirks has made some neat mockups
of the proposed new GUI. Check out the full story and discussion on The Evolution team has also made a list of things they
want to see happen in the backend space, but they are also aware that
there is no way they will be able to handle all all the items in the
list themselves, so they are hoping for contributions from the community
to make it happen, check out the email linked below for the todo list. 

8. distribution considered

The metateam is contemplating doing a combined release
of the development plattform they have developed for Unix desktops,
primarly GNOME and KDE. This in order to help promote the shared
technologies developed under and in conjunction with
Check out Havoc Penningtons announcement and the ensuing discussion on
the freedesktop mailing list. 

9. Dashboard being dashing

According to the gnome dictionary T.Campbell said 'The dashing and
daring spirit is preferable to the listless', and there is no doubt that
the Dashboard developers are dashing and daring :). Since we mentioned
the effort here two weeks ago it has moved fast forward and now even
have a status page with screenshots of contributed frontends. In fact
Dashboard is moving so fast forward that Nat hasn't even had time to add
a screenshot to Mark Humphreys Rhythmbox frontend, so we do it here
instead :) 

10. Translated GNOME summaries

We now have French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and
- all the links below. 

11. Hacker Activity

Thanks for Paul Warren for these lists.

Most active modules:
 97 gnucash
 39 gnomeweb-wml
 38 gnumeric
 35 evolution
 34 gossip
 34 gnome-control-center
 33 gpdf
 27 gtk+
 21 gnome-applets
 21 gimp
 19 web-devel-2
 17 gok
 15 epiphany
 15 gnome-panel
 14 totem
 13 drgeo
 13 galeon
 13 gdm2
 13 eog
 13 beast
[137 active modules omitted]

Most active hackers:
 101 adrighem
 81 hampton (gnucash)
 33 jdub
 29 dnloreto
 28 dcransto
 25 cneumair
 24 pablodc
 23 rcoscali
 21 mitr
 19 aflinta
 17 rhult
 17 jody
 16 warlord (gnucash)
 16 mortenw
 15 redfox
 15 baddog
 15 hallski
 13 timj
 12 dolfin
 12 jamesh
[104 active hackers omitted]

12. Gnome Bug Hunting Activity

This information is from, which hosts bug and
feature reports for most of the Gnome modules. If you would like to join
the bug hunt, subscribe to the gnome-bugsquad mailing list.

Currently open: 9593 (In the last week: New: 616, Resolved: 456,

Modules with the most open bugs (excluding enhancement requests): 

  nautilus: 882 (In the last week: New: 45, Resolved: 14, Difference:
  gtk+: 591 (In the last week: New: 17, Resolved: 37, Difference: -20)
  galeon: 548 (In the last week: New: 44, Resolved: 26, Difference: +18)
  gnome-panel: 302 (In the last week: New: 29, Resolved: 14, Difference:
  gnome-vfs: 223 (In the last week: New: 10, Resolved: 10, Difference:
  control-center: 198 (In the last week: New: 13, Resolved: 10,
Difference: +3)
  GnuCash: 159 (In the last week: New: 14, Resolved: 11, Difference: +3)
  GIMP: 152 (In the last week: New: 12, Resolved: 13, Difference: -1)
  balsa: 133 (In the last week: New: 6, Resolved: 7, Difference: -1)
  metacity: 125 (In the last week: New: 11, Resolved: 4, Difference: +7)
  sawfish: 119 (In the last week: New: 2, Resolved: 0, Difference: +2)
  gnome-applets: 109 (In the last week: New: 9, Resolved: 15,
Difference: -6)
  dia: 108 (In the last week: New: 8, Resolved: 20, Difference: -12)
  epiphany: 101 (In the last week: New: 30, Resolved: 26, Difference:
  gnome-terminal: 99 (In the last week: New: 10, Resolved: 14,
Difference: -4)
Gnome Bugzilla users who resolved or closed the most bugs: 
  ps baum ro: 25 bugs closed.
  yaneti declera com: 24 bugs closed.
  mpeseng tin it: 15 bugs closed.
  jody gnome org: 15 bugs closed.
  richard imendio com: 14 bugs closed.
  ccevans cox net: 14 bugs closed.
  kris gtk org: 13 bugs closed.
  aguelzow taliesin ca: 12 bugs closed.
  hans breuer org: 12 bugs closed.
  charles rebelbase com: 12 bugs closed.
  maclas gmx de: 11 bugs closed.
  warlord MIT EDU: 11 bugs closed.
  teuf users sourceforge net: 10 bugs closed.
  andrew sobala net: 9 bugs closed.
  hadess hadess net: 9 bugs closed.
13. New and Updated Software

gURLChecker  - Graphic web links checker
Greenwich  - Whois client for GNOME
GHome Mover  - User home directory migration tool
tsemgr  - manager for the T68 mobile phone
Gossip  - GNOME 2 Jabber client
polyxmass  - Polymer mass spectrometry framework
Background Buddy  - wallpaper changing daemon
Eye of Gnome  - Image viewer
Bluefish HTML Editor  - HTML editor
GNOME Applets  - Applets
Gwine  - A wine cellar manager
gramps  - GNOME based genealogy program
OSGEdit  - OSG Scene Editor
Rubik  - A 3D rubik cube game
XML Security Library  - Implementation of XML Security specs
solfege  - Free ear training software
Tutka  - tracker style midi sequencer
Gwine  - A wine cellar manager
Fisterra Open Source ERP  - Enterprise Resource Planning and POS
Libcroco  - The Gnome CSS manipulation toolkit
Terminal Server Client  - remote desktop tool
Coriander  - IEEE1394 IIDC camera GUI firewire
gnome-mud  - Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) client
Proxy-applet  - A quick proxy configuration applet
ffmpeg with tv/radio  - ffmpeg tv radio
gtk copy-paste buffer  - gtk copy-paste buffer
Gossip  - GNOME 2 Jabber client
galculator  - GTK2 based scientific calculator
CVSGnome Build Script  - CVSGnome Build Script
Balsa  - Gnome Mail Client
polyxmass  - Polymer mass spectrometry framework
File Roller  - Archive Manager
Quick Lounge  - Quick Launch for GNOME 2
gThumb  - Image viewer and browser.
Phone Manager  - manage your mobile phone

For more information on these packages visit the GNOME Software map:

Even has many GNOME hackers and contributors are enjoying their summer 
vacations the work continues at rapid speed. To clarify the statistics
for this summary, the CVS and bugzilla stats are for the last week,
while the software map list is for the last two weeks. 

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller 
gnome-summary gnome org 
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