Re: window contents while dragging

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 23:37, Antonio Bravo wrote:
> well maybe Gnome-2 should be stamped "minimum requirements: 1 Ghz cpu 
> with 512 ram else not worth a darn to begin with".

Opaque moving doesn´t have anything to do with CPU or RAM. I once had a
P90 with 24 MB and a *very* minimal Gnome1.0/WindowMaker install on top
of ZipSlack on a 250 MB hd (shared with Win95), and that did opaque
moving smoothly, because XFree86 had an accelerated driver for the
videocard (S3 Virge).

Right now I have a PII-233 laptop with a NeoMagic videocard without
accelerated support in XFree86 (uses the standard SVGA driver). And the
opaque moving is very crappy with larger windows, positioning gets
difficult sometimes, and it eats much CPU-time because the poor CPU has
to do the rendering-stuff.


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