Re: window contents while dragging

В Пнд, 21.07.2003, в 09:59, Bart Kuik пишет:
> On Sat, 2003-07-19 at 08:07, Antonio Bravo wrote:
> > on some low hardware configurations I try to get the more responsive 
> > desktop. An important point is the ability to spare the drawing/refresh 
> > of windows content while dragging. Win2k can easily be configured for 
> > that , as well as KDE,
> > How can I do that in Gnome2 ???
> I posted that question some time ago for my Toshiba laptop with crappy
> graphics, and got the following answer (from Malcolm Tredinnick):

> [...]

So maybe that should be added to some kind of Gnome FAQ.

Markus Bertheau.
Berlin, Berlin.

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