Re: window contents while dragging

On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 11:37:20PM +0200, Antonio Bravo wrote: 
> well maybe Gnome-2 should be stamped "minimum requirements: 1 Ghz cpu 
> with 512 ram else not worth a darn to begin with".

Opaque move/resize is just fine on my 266mhz laptop, and on SunRay
thin clients. Your 1ghz CPU must be rate-limited. Be sure you aren't
confusing redraw synchronicity problems with redraw speed problems.

That said, some crap proprietary apps can't handle a lot of resize
events, so metacity has wireframe under implementation on a branch in
CVS. The patch that's out there (in Sun/Ximian and attached to the bug
report) is broken in a few ways.

The implementation does indeed make a fair mess out of the source
code, sadly.


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