Re: FW: Gnome reconfiguration question

> No, I understood you.  I let my wm do my background, so I'm not sure 
> about gnome, but I suspect that it's not going to stretch or shrink the 
> image to fit.
> Again, it's an assumption, so someone else feel free to prove me wrong.

You're wrong. ;-)

Whether or not you let Nautilus draw the background, the image normally
is scaled to fit.

To the original poster: Is Nautilus drawing your background? If so, try
disabling that. If not, try enabling it. Also, you don't say whether or
not you've checked your control center settings - make sure "stretched"
or "scaled" (depending on the version of control center) is selected.

Actually I guess I'd turn those around. Check the control center
settings first, before playing with the Nautilus settings.

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