Re: Gnome2 and viewports

jgotts linuxsavvy com writes:
> The new implementation is such that window positions are
> ((width * number of desktops to the right) + x, (height * number of desktops
> down) + y)
> as with viewports, right?
> For example in the application I'm developing the exact position and size of
> certain windows must be saved and restored regardless of anything GNOME or the
> window manager does.

You have to know a lot about X and window management to have a hope of
making this work "most of the time"

If you use GTK 2 and read the docs for gtk_window_get_position(),
gtk_window_get_size(), gtk_window_resize(), gtk_window_set_location()
and then just use those functions GTK will take care of making it work
most of the time.

What you want to do simply can't be done reliably given current X
interclient communication conventions, though.


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