Re: FW: Gnome reconfiguration question

On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 06:15, stan wrote:
> So I cahnge the X rsolutino from 1920x1440 to 1152x864.
> Problem is, Gnome doesn't seem to completly respect the chang :-(
> For example the background image is still scaled for teh larger
> workspace. Deleteing it, and reselecting it does not fix the problem.
Is nautilus drawing the background?

I've seen this on my laptop, though in the opposite direction:
I'll have my screen up at 1024x768, then logout & hook up to a monitor,
and go to 1600x1200
Nautilus, however, will still think my screen's 1024x768, and only fill
that with my background, allow icons in there, etc.

As windows-ish a question as this is; have you tried rebooting? In my
case, it's been some lingering process that's storing stale information.
As a less drastic approach, try killing off the nautilus processes; that
might do it also.

David Hoover

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