Re: Get nautilus OFF OF MY SYSTEM!!!

On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 06:45:13PM +0200, Jens Finke wrote:
> Well, ask your self why do you use such environments? If you don't
> like/use the additional features it brings to your desktop, or your
> computer is just to slow, then don't use it!
> It sounds like you use X only for having 4 xterms open and do terminal
> hacking. This is absolute ok. But then you don't need a desktop
> environment like GNOME or KDE. So don't complain and switch to your
> IceWM. Right now.

    Thanks for missing the point. As I said above, while the majority of my
work is said terminal hacking, I do need the occasional office app.
Unfortunately, the dependencies often make it very difficult if not impossible
to use said office app without running the whole bloody desktop. 


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