Re: Get nautilus OFF OF MY SYSTEM!!!

It is hard to handle for the builders of the Gnome/KDE environments when a
user complains about various aspects of the systems.  Statements that appear
to be inflamatory might be better read if read from the contextual
standpoint of being frustrated without knowing where to turn.

As a user, I am often frustrated or disappointed with much of the
Gnome/KDE/Linux stuff that's going on.  Our basis of comparison [level of
expectation] is MS Windows, by and large, and we are used to complaining to
and about Microsoft with great enthusiasm.  So on behalf of the "users" out
there, I suggest to the builders out there to try not to take it all so
personally.  We don't know what is possible and what isn't.  We don't know
what developmental snags you guys are running into and we certainly can't
have a natural appreciation for how much of your free and personal time you
are donating to the project.  On the surface, we know you guys are out there
doing what you can as much as you can but we can't feel it through the
software you write -- we have to be reminded from time to time.  (Can a
statement saying, 'we acknowledge...we are trying...blah blah...' be so hard
to generate sometimes?  I'm sure it's annoying to repeat yourself though.)

And to the bitchy users out there, read the stuff I just said above.  It's
easy to get frustrated, annoyed and disappointed, but before you click
"Send" how about re-reading what you write and see if it's a true reflection
of what you want the builders to read?  It's tough not to be emotional about
it.  I was *very* disappointed with the recent Ximian release.  It wasn't
easy to get everything to work until I figured out some ways to
over-come.... I shouldn't have had to find work-arounds but oh well.  What
can I do?

We all want to have high expectations of the Linux, Gnome and KDE stuff as
it grows and develops.  I know I do and I'm sure the developers wouldn't
mind owning the bragging rights to a successful production.  I think we
should at least adopt a style of reporting problems on this list so that we
can reduce inflamatories and stick to the facts without all that extra
offending going on.

I did the easy part by coming up with the idea.  Anyone want to take on the
hard part by actually doing something about it?

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> On Tue, 8 May 2001, Michael Soulier wrote:
> >     I've got to say that these Gnome/KDE apps are, on average, so
bloated that
> > I'm tempted to blow them off my system permanently. I usually have the
> > installed just to use some app like gnucash. I really hope that all of
> > development doesn't lose sight of what made Unix so popular. I teeter
half of
> > the time between a bloated Gnome or KDE setup, and a stripped-down pure
> > setup. The latter is really fast and workable, and becomes more tempting
> > time goes on.
> >     Please don't turn Linux into winblows. Please?
> Well, ask your self why do you use such environments? If you don't
> like/use the additional features it brings to your desktop, or your
> computer is just to slow, then don't use it!
> It sounds like you use X only for having 4 xterms open and do terminal
> hacking. This is absolute ok. But then you don't need a desktop
> environment like GNOME or KDE. So don't complain and switch to your
> IceWM. Right now.
>    Jens

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