Re: Better GNOME help facilities [Was: Re: More traditional GNOME behavior [Was: Get nautilus OFF OF MY SYSTEM!!!]]

on 5/8/01 9:52 AM, Bret Mogilefsky at mogul-gnome gelatinous com wrote:

> People, this is where gnome-help-browser and Nautilus fail: NONE OF THIS IS
> SEARCHABLE.  This is baseline functionality.  Manuals are great for someone
> who's never used the software before, but when you need help you have to
> search for the thing giving you pain.  Even man pages have some basic
> searchability that is lost by using these help browsers.  Info-format
> documentation is meant to be searched, and again, that functionality is
> lost here.  It embarrasses me when I evangelize Gnome to people at my
> office and have to admit that there's no way to use this pretty help
> browser to search the documents it refers to.

The help component in Nautilus originally had a search feature, and the
still-not-working code for searching is still in there. But when the
volunteers working on help quit working on the project, we scaled back to
only what was already working.

If someone is interested in helping revive the search feature, please send
me mail, or visit the Nautilus list.

    -- Darin

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