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On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 01:10:30PM +0100, Patrick Kellaher wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> I've had this question for a long time now, but have been unable to find an anwser to it myself.  Where can I find the source tarball files for Ximian Gnome?  I can find the Gnome source tarballs on the gnome ftp site (and mirrors), but the Ximian ftp server seems not to have any files relating to Gnome (for the source that is).  The only way it seems I can get them is by downloading the Ximian installer, but last time I tried it wouldn't compile on my system (I don't like using binaries, if I can help it).


The source to Ximian GNOME can be found at$distro-$version-$arch/source

For example, a Red Hat 7.1 user would look in

The source is distributed in .src.rpm format (except for Debian),
which includes the original tarball and all patches we have applied to
the upstream source.

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