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> The source to Ximian GNOME can be found at
> For example, a Red Hat 7.1 user would look in

One huge problem here... the list of distros is not complete... I am running Slack 8.-- (almost Slackware 8.0).  Slack comes with rpm, but to me, rpm means Redhat and I don't run Redhat (I also have never used rpm before... never needed to).

So, if each distro directory has a seperate source directory does this mean that each of the source files (rpm, dsc, deb, etc) is designed to be compiled on that system.  To rephrase, could I take the src.rpm from Redhat 6.x or 7.x or even from SuSe and compile them as if they were the tarballs (tar.gz or the slack version .tgz... distro neutral)?  If they are all the same (distro neutral) then why not have them in a seperate directory (ie,

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