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On 04 Jul 2001 15:33:22 +0300, Marius Andreiana wrote:
> Sorry for not answering your question, but while you're at it I'd like
> to note the problems I've had with ximian packages (slightly modified
> from original
> * gnome-core: ximian menus. Would have been ok if they contained
> Red Carpet and Ximian Faq, but they got about half of the applications
> which were in programs menu. Don't know why they did this...

This was designed to simplify the menu layout so it would be easier to
use. You can configure in the control center whether you want to see the
Ximian menu or the old one (or both).

> * gnome-core: menus were broken, not showing label of the menu;
> Favorites menu didn't worked at all.

Not showing the label is a feature. Usability testing showed that people
were confused by the label thus Ximian removed it. I also have the
problem with the Favorites menu not working.

> * control-center: +/- were disabled I think on the left side (selecting
> capplets)

Doesn't happen to me.

> Better use plain gnome, if you want rpms get them from rawhide.

I would disagree. Ximian GNOME has a lot of enhancements. Let the users

Anyways the answer to the original question as to where the source is:
You have to go to the and navigate to /pub/ximian-source.
They have the source for all the distributions in this directory. They
don't seem to have distribution-agnostic tarballs though. Anyone know if
they are available?


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