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I also hate the way Ximian replaces the menu system prior that was
present prior to install of their packages. It actually removes the
menu items of items I use. Very Annoying.
It would be better if they integrated.

On 04 Jul 2001 15:33:22 +0300, Marius Andreiana wrote:

>Sorry for not answering your question, but while you're at it I'd like
>to note the problems I've had with ximian packages (slightly modified
>from original
>* gnome-core: ximian menus. Would have been ok if they contained
>Red Carpet and Ximian Faq, but they got about half of the applications
>which were in programs menu. Don't know why they did this...
>* gnome-core: menus were broken, not showing label of the menu;
>Favorites menu didn't worked at all.
>* gtk+: if in xmms you pressed the arrows, it crashed. Tried 2 different
>xmms versions, packaged by ximian, and redhat, none worked.
>Switching to gtk+ from redhat solved it.
>* control-center: +/- were disabled I think on the left side (selecting
>Better use plain gnome, if you want rpms get them from rawhide.
>Marius Andreiana
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