Re: Red Carpet 0.9 beta

On 2001.02.22 18:34:24 -0500 Renze de Ruiter wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Feb 2001 12:28:21 Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > Your RPM database honestly is broken.  It may not be your fault - it is
> > most likely the packager's fault for supplying broken/buggy RPMs
> So therefore I have to spend hours downloading RPMs over my shitty 56k
> dialup
> connection just to get Red Carpet not to delete RPMs that I use on a
> daily
> basis, work fine for me, and have absolutely nothing to do with the
> software I
> was trying to install?

Well, if you don't want to download RPMs, why are you using Red Carpet at
all?  ~,^

Like I said, other than cheap hacks and fixes, there isn't much else that
can be done.  Hopefully in the future, packages will be a lot less buggy,
and your system can evolve into one without a broken RPM database.  ^,^

> > Which distro are you using?
> Two years ago, it was Red Hat 6.1... it has since been heavily modified,
> so it
> hardly resembles a Red Hat system any more. That is the problem.

Ya, know what that's like.  Sorta like my old Mandrake 7.1 system - by the
time I decided to do a fresh re-install, I think the only part of the
system that resembled Mandrake at all was the /etc/mandrake-release file. 

> > I will agree that Red Carpet should allow one to continue an install
> > *without* trying to fix the broken dependencies.
> Yes, and it shouldn't remove RPMs that have nothing to do with the
> software
> being installed.

Yes, that is true.  It should give you the option of not updating your
whole system, even if it is broken, just to update a couple of packages.

> > Otherwise, no advanced updater will work, no matter what, until
> distro's
> > start building valid RPMs.  Nothing you can do about it but fix what
> you
> > can and hack around the rest of it.
> Just downloading RPMs by hand instead of trying to fix the dependency
> issues
> to please Red Carpet would take a lot less time.

That, unfortunately, may be the only answer until most packages aren't
broken anymore.  The next release from RedHat may fix the problem, but from
what you've told me, I doubt you're going to upgrade just to fix an rpm

If you go to, and find the apt-rpm mailing list, there are a
lot of people there who might be able to help you to quickly and easily fix
your database, since apt-rpm suffers from moronic packages just as much as
Red Carpet does.

Other than that, and the Red Carpet fix to at least ignore the screwed up
part of your system, are the only fixes you'll have for now.  Sorry... :(

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