Re: Red Carpet 0.9 beta

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001 12:28:21 Sean Middleditch wrote:

> Your RPM database honestly is broken.  It may not be your fault - it is
> most likely the packager's fault for supplying broken/buggy RPMs

So therefore I have to spend hours downloading RPMs over my shitty 56k dialup
connection just to get Red Carpet not to delete RPMs that I use on a daily
basis, work fine for me, and have absolutely nothing to do with the software I
was trying to install?

> Which distro are you using?

Two years ago, it was Red Hat 6.1... it has since been heavily modified, so it
hardly resembles a Red Hat system any more. That is the problem.

> I will agree that Red Carpet should allow one to continue an install
> *without* trying to fix the broken dependencies.

Yes, and it shouldn't remove RPMs that have nothing to do with the software
being installed.

> Otherwise, no advanced updater will work, no matter what, until distro's
> start building valid RPMs.  Nothing you can do about it but fix what you
> can and hack around the rest of it.

Just downloading RPMs by hand instead of trying to fix the dependency issues
to please Red Carpet would take a lot less time.


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