Re: The State Of The Art

>I've seen this kind of idea before, though at the time it was focused on
>data access not desktop access...but at the time it struck me as
>something decades away (I was still a windows user, what can I say).  
>I agree with mr. jetzek, in that this may be the thing that makes linux
>the "have to use" O/S.  once again, it could be hardware playing catchup
>to software, as we develop the kind of screens that make this more
>intuitive to use.

(Forgive me if I'm missing something important, BUT...)

 Couldn't a window manager running under X do this fairly simply? I don't see
why it would be much more difficult to handle than "flat" multiple desktop
areas. The hardest part would probably be the pager/mini-view - how would
you show the inner surface of a sphere?

Michael Rogers

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