Re: The State Of The Art

What with the new flat-screen technology coming out, we may be blessed
with large, wrap-around screens, or wall sized screens. Adding a
dimension on to our current windowing systems now would give us the edge
when this technology hits the public. At the same time, development of
this software could also help spur development on the technology as


> I've seen this kind of idea before, though at the time it was focused on
> data access not desktop access...but at the time it struck me as
> something decades away (I was still a windows user, what can I say).
> I agree with mr. jetzek, in that this may be the thing that makes linux
> the "have to use" O/S.  once again, it could be hardware playing catchup
> to software, as we develop the kind of screens that make this more
> intuitive to use.
> I really like the idea, and I think you and other hardcore programmers
> (I'm just a lowly wannabe sysadmin) get together and start hacking it.
> and when it's done, we'll stick gnome in it.  or something else.  but
> velieve me.  when it's done, I'll use it.
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