Re: Getting a PPP Connection

I have found that using kppp "kde's" dialup application, works very well.
there should be a menu entry called "KDE MENU" or something close to it.
click the Sub-Menu entry called INTERNET and select kppp.
you will need the Primary and Secondary DNS  settings provided by your
ISP you michael also need to use a static IP address

On Fri, 25 Jun 1999, Wrathmolten wrote:
> Hello all! I'm new to the list, so greetings :)
> I've just installed Redhat 6.0 and I'm running Gnome--as you probably
> guessed. I've gone through 3 different HOWTOs and FAQs about setting up PPP
> and I finally got my Linux box connected to the internet. Only one problem:
> The PPP applet does not start my PPP connection. The only way that I have
> discovered to get a PPP connection going in Gnome is to pull up Linuxconf
> and click on the PPP option, select my PPP connection that I've setup and
> then click connect. (I think this is really just for test purposes.)
> Any help on how I can get a PPP connection running inside Gnome if the PPP
> applet isn't doing the trick? (I assume I've missed something along the line
> and the PPP applet isn't able to preform it's job.)
> Thanks!
> Wrath
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