Re: GNOME FTP mirrors

Daniel Veillard wrote:

> > The last days I checked serveral "official" and "unofficial" GNOME
> > mirror sites.  All sites I checked are hopelessly out-of-date ;-(
> >
> > This should not happen with an "official" mirror site; do these official
> > sites have privileged logins to sync daily?
>   I mirror twice a day on under
> linux/redhat-labs/gnome, using a registered user account .
> In turn provides FTP/HTTP/rsync accesses and a very good
> bandwidth (MIT, Boston, USA).

what kind of mirror is that?? everything there is very out of date.. looks
like the stuff on the redhat 5.2 cd!

i think it would be great to mirror the latest RPM releases..
is always full  and its hard to grab the newest RPM's anywhere elese
if anybody can help with setting me up with a login/pass to the ftp i would
be happy to provide a RPM ftp mirror @


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