Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

Take this from someone who has no idea what they're talking about as far
as this is concerned, but would it be possible to have a global Imlib
cache?  That way we only have one cached copy of all the pixmap images?
This seems to make more sense, but it may not be possible.  Maybe it could
be done by some sort of imlib-cache-server daemon?

On Sat, 23 Jan 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > ->  I just tried it as well. It does speed up the computer significantly. :)
> > ->  If the cache is so much faster, shouldn't it default to cache instead of
> > ->  defaulting to no cache?
> > 
> > talk to miguel - he believes the cache is useless. I disagree - it is
> > why I implimented a cache. I have VERY good reasons for doing stuff
> > often - most of the time no-one realises until somehting else goes
> > wrong :(.
> The fix is simple:
>     in the gtk pixmap theme init code we need to do:
>     gdk_imlib_get_cache_info (&old_pixmaps, &old_images);
>     gdk_imlib_set_cache_info (TRUE, TRUE);
> And on theme shutdown we need to do:
>     gdk_imlib_set_cache_info (old_pixmaps, old_images);
> Mind if I apply this patch to gtk-engines?
> The reason I dislike the Imlib cache for pixmaps is because for the
> non-pixmap case we end up keeping 500k of data around that are
> unreleasable.  10 GNOME programs running would ammount to 5 megs of
> usually unused and unreleasable information.  30% of most workstation
> setups.
> Miguel.
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Marcus Brubaker

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