Re: gfdisk

Dietmar Maurer wrote:

> There is no discussion list for gfdisk, but I think we can use
> gnome-list. First, thanks for this hint. But I do not plan to include
> such things into gfdisk until I've cleaned up the code (no time a the
> moment). What I would really like to see is a separate library
> (libfdisk) that do all partitioning staff, able to deal with different
> kinds of partition tables. This way all partitioning programs can use
> the same library (fdisk, cfdisk, sfdisk, gfdisk, ...).
> Is someone interested in implementing such a library?

Have you looked at Red Hat's libfdisk?  They used it for Disk Druid in their
install program.  It supports DOS partition tables, BSD label and the system
Sun uses, I think (off the top of my head...)I'm currently using libfdisk for
libresize (fsresize is a frontend to libresize) to change the partition size
after the fs has been resized.  libfdisk is included with fsresize.  (The
download address is

Note: only the new (unreleased versions) of libfdisk support Sun and
BSD label.  I've been working loosely with Red Hat so fsresize can become
part of the install program - and they sent me the latest version.

Andrew Clausen

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