Re: gfdisk

There is no discussion list for gfdisk, but I think we can use
gnome-list. First, thanks for this hint. But I do not plan to include
such things into gfdisk until I've cleaned up the code (no time a the
moment). What I would really like to see is a separate library
(libfdisk) that do all partitioning staff, able to deal with different
kinds of partition tables. This way all partitioning programs can use
the same library (fdisk, cfdisk, sfdisk, gfdisk, ...).

Is someone interested in implementing such a library?

Andrew Clausen wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a discussion list for gfdisk?  I haven't been able to find it.
> I've written a library called libresize, that resizes FAT16 and FAT32
> partitions.  Thought gfdisk people might be interested.   You can get it
> at:
> Andrew Clausen

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