Re: esound, u_int16_t, and other yucks

Grrrr! Ctrl-E is not move-to-eol in Outlook, it's

Haukur Hreinsson wrote:
> Yo 'Ric Dude wrote:
> >
> > Dan Newcombe wrote:
> [snip]
> > > Hey...I just love the startup sound of esd :)
> >
> > Patterned after the extended dynamic range cassette tape intro.
> > If it drives you nuts, start esd with the "-nobeeps" option. =)
> -nobeeps, huh. Wish I'd known about that in the beginning. The first
> time esd was started with my X session, I happened to have on a pair of
> Sennheiser HD580's, and the volume happened to be nearly maxed out. Now,
> this configuration is fine for CD's, TV, radio, or any other normal
> audio signal, but this signal is quite different. This is the devil's
> doing. He wasn't quite satisfied with forks on china, or chalk on
> blackboard, so he came back for one final try.
> I was relaxed, I had my guard down, I was totally unprepared. Then, out
> of nowhere, came the daemon's shriek. I twitched, I writhed, I
> exclaimed. I was Kramer on "Seinfeld"!
> So, Ricdude (or shall I say Lucifer), how about toning down those
> frequencies and that extreme stereo separation?
> Another thing: I didn't see anything in esound's TODO file about
> head-related transfer functions. I don't know how much you know about
> them, but if it's not much, you might want to read up on them and
> consider implementing some support in esd (which is certainly where it
> belongs, if anywhere). Some random sources of information:

(Funny how MS-OS users *still* limit filenames to 8.3)

Anyway, I'm not one to demand implementation of my personal wishlist
features, but I figured this might spark some interest among developers.

Haukur Hreinsson

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