Re: esound, u_int16_t, and other yucks

Yo 'Ric Dude wrote:
> Dan Newcombe wrote:
> > Hey...I just love the startup sound of esd :)
> Patterned after the extended dynamic range cassette tape intro.
> If it drives you nuts, start esd with the "-nobeeps" option. =)

-nobeeps, huh. Wish I'd known about that in the beginning. The first
time esd was started with my X session, I happened to have on a pair of
Sennheiser HD580's, and the volume happened to be nearly maxed out. Now,
this configuration is fine for CD's, TV, radio, or any other normal
audio signal, but this signal is quite different. This is the devil's
doing. He wasn't quite satisfied with forks on china, or chalk on
blackboard, so he came back for one final try.

I was relaxed, I had my guard down, I was totally unprepared. Then, out
of nowhere, came the daemon's shriek. I twitched, I writhed, I
exclaimed. I was Kramer on "Seinfeld"!

So, Ricdude (or shall I say Lucifer), how about toning down those
frequencies and that extreme stereo separation?

Another thing: I didn't see anything in esound's TODO file about
head-related transfer functions. I don't know how much you know about
them, but if it's not much, you might want to read up on them and
consider implementing some support in esd (which is certainly where it
belongs, if anywhere). Some random sources of information:

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