Re: esound, u_int16_t, and other yucks

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Yo 'Ric Dude wrote:
> > In compiling audiofile,
> >         u_int16_t
> >         u_int32_t
> >         u_int8_t
> > were all not found on HPUX. (which does have a uint16_t and uint32_t).
> > How common are those on anything other than Linux?  They also do not
> > appear on Solaris.  Basically, if I come across something that I can't
> > find on HPUX and it is also not on Solaris, I consider it a Linuxism,
> > curse a bit, then find the stuff on one of my Linux boxes.
> The docs that come with audiofile mention that it is tested under 
> Irix and Linux.  You may be heading into uncharted territory.
> You should email your patch to, as he is the 
> official maintainer of the package.

The think is I'm not sure if it is a patch that is needed, or for the
developer to use more standard definitions and not Linux specific ones.
I'll have to get on our Irix box (if I still can) and see what I see

> I recommend using the version of libaudiofile available from 
> the gnome cvs repository (or suitable snapshot).  The configure
> script is generally more up to date.  That's the version that
> I work with.

Thanks - didn't know there was one there.
> > Once I got around both of those, it compiled, installed, and mostly
> > worked.  It didn't seem to like the test file, unless I gave it -m -b, and
> > whatever rate the file was at, which is kinda annoying.
> Were you trying to play the test file with esdplay? or with esdcat?
> Esdcat requires that you specify the audio format.  It assumes a 
> default setting of linear encoded data, 16 bit, stereo, 44.1 kHz.
> Adding -b sets it for 8 bit sound, and -m sets mono.  Esdplay uses 
> the audiofile library, and determines the parameters from the file.

Actually, I was using esdloop.  I'll try the other...only thing is that
esd doesn't seem to like to coexist well with the HPUX Aserver (does
basically the same thing).  esd works fine, however, the next time Aserver
tries to play something, it sounds like static.  

I will probably just ditch the hpux audio server and replace it with the
esd, however not everyone may want to do that - though I'm beginning to
think I'm one of two using Gnome and HPUX.

> > Hey...I just love the startup sound of esd :)
> Patterned after the extended dynamic range cassette tape intro.
> If it drives you nuts, start esd with the "-nobeeps" option. =)

Which is why I love it - reminds me of all my tapes I bought in the 80's.


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