esound, u_int16_t, and other yucks

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm on an HPUX system and can see
why it is commonly called HSUX.

I decided to give Esound a go again.   It told me that I didn't have
audiofile, so I got it from the site  (BTW - THANK YOU for actually saying
where to get it!)  

In compiling audiofile, 
were all not found on HPUX. (which does have a uint16_t and uint32_t).

How common are those on anything other than Linux?  They also do not
appear on Solaris.  Basically, if I come across something that I can't
find on HPUX and it is also not on Solaris, I consider it a Linuxism,
curse a bit, then find the stuff on one of my Linux boxes.

Anyway, after defining them as unsigned short, unsigned int, and unsigned
char (isn't that redundant?) I got audiofile to compile/install.

Back to building Esound - configure still died because it could not find
audiofile-config, which did not come with audiofile.  Also, it couldn't
find aupvlist.h, which did not install in audiofile's make install.

Once I got around both of those, it compiled, installed, and mostly
worked.  It didn't seem to like the test file, unless I gave it -m -b, and
whatever rate the file was at, which is kinda annoying.

Anyway, I guess the point is to point out some of the problems still with
esound (on non-linux systems)

Hey...I just love the startup sound of esd :)


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