Re: wm2 and GNOME (was Re: Problem starting GNOME)

Preben Randhol <> writes:

> | It is my understanding that Blackbox is gnome-compliant. It is a 
> | radically small and very fast WM. A little too minimal for my
> | taste, but for those so inclined, it seems to work well.
> >From the Blackbox site:
> NOTE: Blackbox is NOT and probably WILL NOT include GNOME support. It
>    is my opinion that the GNOME Window Manager Spec needs to be
>    revised, as the current (quote) specification (post quote) seems to
>    be more implementation based. A near complete rewrite and
>    restructuring of Blackbox's internals would be necessary to
>    implement the (quote) specification (post quote) as is.

If anybody is interested in getting GNOME support for blackbox,
they should probably contact the blackbox people and suggest
that complaining on their web site won't help get
the spec improved.

If they want the WM spec fixed, then they need to contact
those responsible (I'd mail gnome-devel-list) and indicate
what is lacking in the description and what needs 
improvement in the spec.


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